Content Writing

Writing has always been something I do in order to express myself, my point of view, and my knowledge about different topics.
I started out back in 2007 with a Journalistic Writing course (The Open University of Israel) and from time to time I contributed content to online magazines, blogs, expert panels, and other written publications.
In the past few years, I was involved in writing blog posts and articles mostly about innovation, transportation, and sustainability.

I am always up for the challenge of contributing new content to the digital and the printed media, and nowadays I mostly interested in writing about the following topics: data and business intelligence, AI, transportation, smart cities, sustainability, technology, and innovation. I can also conduct research and embed data visualizations as part of my content. Some of the websites I contributed content to include 7wdata, and IGLUS.
If you are interested in original content or collaboration of any kind feel free to get in touch through my contact page.
I can write in English and Hebrew.

Organizations I contributed content to