Driven by a passion for storytelling using technology, I use my creativity and skill set to carve stories using data, images, words, and music to help businesses and individuals communicate their messages in different ways and with maximum efficiency.

I invite you to visit the different service pages for data visualization, content, and music for media in order to learn more about the type of work I do and the kind of projects I am involved in. In addition, I invite you to learn about me as a person in the about section and read my data and innovation blog.

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Data Visualization and Analysis

Data storytelling, data journalism, and general data visualization for effective communication of patterns and findings

Music For Media

Background music that will make the stories embedded in your videos and digital media complete and powerful

Content Writing

Written content about topics related to innovation, technology, and sustainability tailored to your needs


Yaron Cohen - Data and BI Professional There is more than one way to communicate a great story, and I believe that the right sound, image, or data visualization combined with the right narrative can make a story a lot more compelling.   I take advantage of my multidisciplinary educational background that includes academic studies in Marketing (BA), Research/Sustainability (Msc), and courses in technology, music, and writing to build the perfect story for one's needs using words, music, images, and data visualizations. My philosophy is all about the synthesis of different fields in order to achieve the best results. To learn more about the services I offer and how I got started in each one of them, please refer to my services pages for data visualization , content writing , and music for media . In my free time (when I'm not analyzing data, playing instruments, or writing content) I like to explore new places and do photography so check out my photos on my EyeEm profile, and I also like to take long walks and swim.   Feel free to contact me through my contact page, or through the chatbot.   

My Skills

Data and Innovation Blog

Excuse Me, Do You Speak Data?

Just like many other analytics professionals I regularly speak to, I sometimes find it hard to explain what I exactly do in my day to day job to people who don’t work in the field despite the big hype in the media around anything data in the past few years (e.g. big data, data science, […]

Why Do Some Organizations Fail To Adopt A Product Approach In Analytics?

The technical product approach has been around for quite some time in the world of software development, and nowadays product managers are in charge of transforming business requirements into technical solutions together with their development teams.However, in the world of analytics things are a bit different, and many analytics teams still take a reactive approach […]

Fun Summer Viz About Vacations – Part 2

World Bank’s websiteThe growing popularity of the “Bar Chart Race” visualization since March this year made me waking up one morning and deciding that it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.  I’m up for the challenge of making one myself.  There were two things I needed to take into account: Which tool could help me […]

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